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Our Designs Currently Available

Please Support Your Local Needlework Store.  If they do not have a pattern you are looking for they should be happy to order it for you.  They may order through Hoffman Distributing or Norden Crafts.  If you do not have a local store please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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Stitch Count is included below the design name for your convenience.


12 Months Squared

95H x 69W

A Child Is Born

80H x 80W

A Good Day

105H x 83W

A True Friend

55H x 75W

Acorn Autumn

117W x 117H

Ad Astra Per Aspera

50H x 225W


80H x 80W

America (2011)

58H x 122W

Angels We Have Heard

70H x 70W

Autumn Birdhouse

110H x 65W


40H x 64W

Awakened Soul

185H x 113W

Away In a Manger

62H x 62W

Babies Don't Keep

120H x 91W

Be Mine

50H x 115W

Be Still

152H x 75W

Be Wise

136H x 136W

Bedtime Prayer

190H x 100W

Bless Our Home

75H x 75W

Born To Stand Out

100H x 110W

Breathing Lessons

139H x 105W


110H x 65W

Bunny Flag Jack-O Santa Sampler

30 count over 1

Button Friends

150H x 75W

Candy Corn

65H x 40W

Carpe Cakem

70H x 69W

Celtic Birds

29H x 145W

Celtic Birds II

100H x 100W

Celtic Christmas

170H x 104W

Celtic Needle Box

30H x 115W

Celtic Pumpkin

90H x 75W

Celtic Shamrock

101H x 89W

Keep Christmas In Your Heart

64H x 62 W (comes with "Our Savior's Birth)

Christmas Fun

83H x 65W

Christmas Photo Ornament

80H x 61W

Courage, Strength, Peace

60H x 60W

Dark Pumpkin

36W x 36H

Deck the Halls

135H x 45W

Do You See What I See

43H x 70W

Ecclesiastes 9:10

140H x 94W

Erina Lorenzi Sampler

120H x 81W


50H x 101W

Faith Hope Love

30H x 30W each square

Fall Leaves

60H x 100W


110H x 65W

Floral Ornaments

47H x 47W

Floral Scissor Keeper Back

49H x 22W

Floral Scissor Keeper Front

36H x 22W

Flowers for Bonnie

288H x 70W

Forever, For Always

75H x 100W

Forever In My Heart

60H x 60W

Four Seasons

202H x 40W

Friday's Child

95H x 75W

Friends & Coffee

100H x 73W

Friends Gather Here

48H x 209W


80H x 80W

Gentle Sampler

168H x 54W

Gimme Your Corn

61W x 61H

Give Me A Home

100H x 169W

Gobble Till You Wobble

100H x 75W

Goodness & Light

62H x 62W

Got Buttons?

42H x 86W


24H x 200W

Halloween Bandit

80H x 90W

Halloween Four

50H x 100W

Halloween Fun

83H x 65W

Halloween Kitty

80H x 90W

Hannah the Witch

75H x 75W

Happy Birthday

24H x 200W

Happy Easter

25H x 200W

Happy Holidays

65H x 65W

Hardanger Christmas Tree

42W x 42H

Hardanger Pumpkin

42W x 42H

A Harvest of Blessings

109H x 149W

Here Mousie, Mousie

81H x 88W

Hilltop Seasons

130H x 130W

Holiday Fun

Comes with Lil' Snowman (38H x 38W) and Christmas Things (55H x 55W)

Holiday Sampler

128W x 188H


70H x 70W

Hope Is The Thing

249H x 162W

I Love Candy

111H x 71W

If I Can't Stitch

107H x 120W

Igor McScott

81W x 81H

Important Things

110H x 75W


26H x 200W


100H x 200W

Irish Eyes

81H x 80W

Irish Toast

101H x 97W


27H x 100W

It Is What It Is

50H x 69W

Jack O

102H x 63W

Jamaica Deb

102H x 70W

Joann Fleischer Sampler

100H x 87W

Judy Becher Sampler

90H x 80W


50H x 47W

Kansas II

45H x 125W

Kansas Paperweight

15H x 40W

Kansas Sesquicentennial

99H x 146W

Kansas Xmas I

70H x 50W

Kansas Xmas II

70H x 50W

Kansas Xmas III

50H x 70W

Kansas Xmas IV

50H x 70W

Kansas Xmas V

50H x 70W

Kansas XMAS VI

50H x 70W

Kansas Xmas VII

50H x 70W

Kansas Xmas VIII

50H x 70W

Kansas XMAS IX

50H x 70W

Kansas XMAS X

50H x 70W

Kathy Marion Sampler

80H x 80W

Key To My Heart

70H x 70W

Kreepy Kitty

40H x 40W

Legend of the Christmas Spider

44W x 50H

Let Go...Let God

50H x 184W

Life Is A Garden

63H x 98W

Life Is A Gift

80H x 90W

Lil Christmas

55W x 40H

Lil Easter

55W x 40H

Lil Halloween

55W x 40H

Lil July 4th

55W x 40H

Lil St. Patty's

55W x 40H

Lil Thanksgiving

55W x 40H

Lil Valentine

55W x 40H

Little Pisquali

79H x 91W

Little St. Nick

34H x 28W

Love Deeply

100H x 180W

Lovely Alphabet

each letter 42H x 41W

Luck O' The Irish

50H x 50W


110H x 75W

Mary Zeller Sampler

80H x 80W

Merry Christmas

40H x 60W

Merry Christmas II

25H x 200W

Merry Kansas

44H x 49W

Merry Topeka

37H x 60W

Mini Autumn

60W x 60H

Mini Peace

42W x 42H

Mini Spring **NEW**

60H x 60W

Mini Summer **NEW**

60H x 60W

Mini Sunflower Welcome

33H x 109W

Mini Winter **NEW**

60W x 60H

Monday's Child

95H x 75W

Monogram Candlescreens

Lg:94H x 63W

Sm:63H x 42W

Month by Month

120W x 160H

Mothers Are

70H x 150W

My Mother

100H x 120W

My Soul Is Fed

50H x 130W

My Valentine

200W x 25H

No L

66H x 70W


25H x 51W

Oh! Tannenbaum

50H x 50W

Our Savior's Birth

65H x 65W (comes with "Keep Christmas In Your Heart"

Over-1 Sunflower

40H x 40W

Peerless Kansas

90H x 150W

Priceless Friend

45H x 45W

Quiet Time

38H x 82W

Reason For The Season

86H x 160W

Reina Brock Sampler

80H x 81W


125H x 90W

Sand-Dune Dan

102H x 70W


110H x 65W

Santa Paul

110H x 60W

Saturday's Child

115H x 75W

I Have to Scream

100H x 50W

Seasonal Bouquets

55H x 55W individually

120H x 120W all together

Silver Bells

241W x 79H

Silver & Gold

62H x 62W

Simply Topeka

19H x 104W


20H x 131W

Sleing Bells Ring

50H x 100W

Snips and Snails

101H x 61W

Some Days!!!

93H x 91W

Song Of Solomon

250H x 170W

Spring and Summer

40H x 64W

Spring Birdhouse

110H x 65W

Spring Flowers

100H x 71W

Spring Welcome

40H x 131W

St. Nick

55H x 107W

St. Patty's Day

28H x 200W

Star of Wonder

150H x 70W

Stitching Friends

112H x 85W

Storklette Scissor Holder (inside)

65H x 115W (you will get both inside and outside charts)

Storklette Scissor Holder (outside)

65H x 115W (you will get both inside and outside charts)

Sugar and Spice

101H x 61W

Summer Birdhouse

110H x 65W

Sunday's Child

95H x 75W

Sunflower Bunny

60W x 80H

Sunflower Needlecase

120H x 70W

Sunflower Paperweight

47H x 49W

Sunflower Sam

60W x 80H

Sunflower Santa

80H x 60W

Sunflower Snowman

100H x 75W

Sunflower Snow Woman

80H x 60W

Sunflower Welcome

61H x 191W


60H x 60W

Tall Seasons

180H x 250W

Tequila & Salt

100H x 75W

Thank You For Serving

134H x 107W


28H x 200W

The Graduate

67H x 67W

This Is The Day

120H x 120W

Three Kings

111H x 110W

Thursday's Child

95H x 75W

Time II

285H x 50W


80H x 25W


30H x 73W

Topeka, Kansas

115H x 60W

Trick or Treat

18H x 168W

Tuesday's Child

95H x 75W

Up on the Housetop

152W x 70H

Valentine Paperweight

47H x 49W

Walk Away Wise

146H x 96W

Warm Christmas Wishes

81W x 81H

Warm Mittens

60H x 74W

Washburn Ichabod

75H x 60W

Wednesday's Child

95H x 75W

Winter Birdhouse

110H x 65W

Witch Purse (front)

33W x 47H

Witch Purse (back)

33W x 47H


70H x 50W

Yesterday Today

71H x 120W

You're Still The One

45H x 80W

You're Totally Awesome

101H x 101W