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Welcome to our Corrections Page!!

This is where we will post corrections to the symbol charts for our designs we have made a little "boo-boo" on.  If we find a mistake or if our faithful followers find one and let us know about it we will send out an email to those who have signed up on our email update list to let you know we have posted a correction.  Although we strive for perfection, we all know being perfect is impossible.  Thank you for your understanding and patience with us.


Give Me A Home Corrected Symbol Chart


Little St. Nick Correction

Rainbow Gallery SB2 has been discontinued --- SB1 will be substituted in this design


Snips and Snails & Sugar and Spice Corrections

Button bullets on chart are incorrect -- Please use photo for correct button placement


Happy Easter

Pattern states 2 cards W63 are needed.   You should only need 1 card to complete the design.


If I Can't Stitch

The DMC 3021 should be DMC 3721.


Sunflower Santa

The Z symbol should be an X symbol


Hope Is The Thing

Symbols chart do not line up perfectly with the floss colors.  Draw lines or use a ruler to coordinate correctly.


Igor McScott

The light area on the spiders back should be DMC 822 rather than "Garden Gate".  The neck area is still "Garden Gate".

Month by Month

Some backstitching was mistakenly omitted on the original printing of out "Month to Month" chart.  Here's a closeup of the charted area.

Use 1 strand of DMC 435 for all backstitching.  Reprinting of the chart will be corrected.


My Soul Is Fed

The "o" symbol should be a solid dot.


Love Deeply

Error on Silk number - VAK10253 Should Be VAK10153-Golden Moss


Up on the Housetop